Company Introduction


CHG Medical International was founded in 2014. Since then we have become trusted partner supplier of POC devices for Clinical Chemistry, Blood Gas Instruments, Immunology, Rapid Tests and consumables both for human and veterinary medical market.
ISO 13485 (click to download) certified and with a combined knowledge of IVD of over 45 years, CHG medical International can also offer you solution for you Point Of Care site. Just contact us to discuss the options.

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Mission Statement

Since CHG medical International was founded we always only had one main goal: to offer excellent quality products worldwide for a fair price. And we are very proud that in the last 6 years we succeeded in finding solid distributors and loyal clients all over Romania country, but not only, as we have contracts in all Europe.
We still are looking to extend our range of products (Coagulation, Hematology POC instruments ) and to come into contact with more distributors. So please feel free to contact us if you think your company would be a solid partner for CHG Medical International.

POCT Testing

Point of care (POC) diagnostic devices are used to obtain diagnostic results while with the patient or close to the patient. Used in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and in patients’ homes, POC diagnostic devices give quick feedback on many sorts of medical tests.

POC diagnostic devices are used to test biochemistry, electrolyte, metabolite and enzyme analysis, test for drugs of abuse and for infectious diseases, and for pregnancy testing. Blood gases, cardiac markers, and fecal occult blood tests can also be done with POC diagnostic devices. There are several advantages to doing the tests at the point of care, including quick results and faster implementation of therapy, if needed .

Benefits of POCT Testing

Sample Quality
Quality Assurance

Considerations for purchasing Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

POC diagnostic devices should be chosen based on the type of tests that need to be run. Some POC devices are handheld and some are benchtop models that need more space. Sample size needed and how quickly the tests are run are two of the ways that POC devices differ.